Controversial Ad by WWF


WWF presents a campaign that sparked controversy around the world. The protecting group of animals , shows a baby with a turtle shell and a man behind him with a knife for killing the baby. WWF claims the right of animals and they compare a human baby with a small turtle. Firstly, AGC Showroom like the protection of animals and we consider that it is a important topic, a great lesson for people,but is not a very successful show the act of violence with a human being. What are your opinion about this? Thanks!

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  1. agcshowroom dice:

    This is a controversial ad by WWF. It explains different problems with animals and their rights to live in our same world. From AGC Showroom’s point of view, animals are undervalued in our current society. Moreover, they have feelings and need love. A human baby could be killed in the ad and this fact is horrible but, in the same line, millions of animal especies dead and nobody cares. What’s your opinion about it?

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